Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Bowling Record Held by Marisa Schmidt of Elk Grove Village, IL

Bowling professionals have been coming out of the Chicagoland area for decades now.  Specifically the Elk grove Village area.  Currently leagues form almost every night of the week and people travel from other states just to come to the great Village of Elk Grove to test their bowling skills against some of the most fearce competition for miles.

Amongst one of the best up and coming bowling stars of Elk Grove is Marisa Schmidt.  This new young competition will give you the run of your life bowling against her.  With experience in mastering sports, Marisa Schmidt also holds records in badmitten and gymnastics.

Attending the academy school of design increased her ability and stance when throwing a bowling ball down the lane.  Marisa Schmidt has the strength of a professional baseball player in their prime.  Strength like that throwing a bowling ball down a lane will bring many strikes.  She has bowled a few hundred perfect games already throughout her traveling around the country.  Her goal is to have a perfect game at each bowling alley across the unites states.  Can she meet that goal is the question.

Who currently holds the world record for most perfect bowling games bowled?  The answer to this question lies in the guinness book of world records.  Can Marisa Schmidt of Elk Grove beat this record?  The question is one that we will hopefully get an answer to soon!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smart SEO and Webdesign

So you have a business and you want to design a website.  Many people are under the assumption that if they put up a website that their business will sour.  This has some truth to it, however throwing up a website and not promoting it online will not get you many visitors.  First and foremost, you need to make sure that your website has meta tags.  Meta tags tell the search engines how you would like your website to appear in their search results.  It will also help you determine which keywords you would like your website to get ranked under. 

Having proper meta tags in your website will not guarantee that you get ranked under specific keywords.  Many other factors go into getting ranked under specific keywords.  Using those keywords several times in your content will help, having anchor text from other websites will also help.  Elk Grove Village Illinois has a leading web development and SEO industrial park.  Many new companies seek out commercial real estate there since it is a diverse and technology driven area.

Marisa Schmidt has the leading SEO and web development team in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  To date over 300 websites have been developed using flash, html, CSS, javascript and other coding languages.  Integrating payment options such as paypal is also something that is best left to a professional if you are looking to sell products and services from a website. 

Is using a "website tonight" service a good way to build a website?  The answer is no.  A website tonight service is a template that is used to help people who do not know how to code a website build one from scratch and input their information.  The problem with this is you have limited options when it comes to developing your website.  They also do not provide a way to insert meta tags which is vital to your website existence on the internet.  A website tonight service is usually overpriced as well.  They charge $40-60 per month to keep your website up and running.  Normal hosting is about $12-20 per month along with a yearly fee of about $15 for a domain.  Long term you end up paying more with a website tonight than just hiring a professional web designer. 

Elk Grove Village has some of the leading web design teams in the nation.  Consider having Marisa Schmidt's team in Elk grove Village design your next project.